Artist Statement

My work over the years has been an investigation into what I call the quirky sublime, a sublime that reflects our disjointed connection with the natural world, especially in light of recent scientific research that has yet to be properly processed culturally. I use historical images to connect the missing dots in the contemporary dialogue. My ideas are rooted in a personal reinterpretation of Emersonian Transcendentalism...

Curriculum Vitae

Studied four years under internationally acclaimed artist, Varujan Boghossian while at Dartmouth, who compared some of my early works to Giorgio de Chirico. Was influenced by the works of Max Ernst, Picasso and Matisse. For the last twenty years I have also drawn inspiration from the masters of Chinese calligraphy all the way back to Zhang Zhi (~361 AD) and Wang Xizhi (303-361 AD) of the Han and Jin Dynasties.


Arlene Golonka and Chris Haenel - Palm Springs, CA 

Tokyo Joe Sushi - Morro Bay, CA

Soho House West Hollywood [On Loan]

© Andrew Bilgore
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